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China’s Octoberfest of ... grand diplomacy

And how is Asean responding?

IT was so well choreographed.

Many comment that China was making hay while the sun shines. This is not quite accurate, although it helped the Americans went AWOL, with Barack Obama forced to stay at home and not come to the main regional meetings and visits of the year.

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Both ends not against the middle

Keeping good relations with China and the United States

WHEN you are down, you know who your real friends are. The United States, which is hobbling from a number of self-inflicted injuries, will no doubt take note of those who are gleeful at its current trepidations, those who are disappointed, and those who are just plain scared.

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Best wishes for Umno and the nation

Avoid economics+politics double whammy

WITH the shine coming off many emerging markets, economic commentators locate the different economies in different orders of risk.

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Asia's economic rise at risk?

Future prospect not current reality

GOOD times and prospects of gain tend to diminish consideration of risk, a trait universal and not just Asian. Actually there are a number of political, social and economic factors which could hold back, even reverse, Asia’s economic rise.

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Peaceful rise is not forever

China’s dilemmas in domestic and foreign policy

CHINA is already the second biggest economy in the world, on the cusp of becoming the largest in the not too distant future. With the world’s largest population and formidable military capability, it is more powerful than the Soviet Union ever was against the United States.

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